"During my six year tenure managing contract writers at semi-conductor tool manufacturer KLA-Tencor, I had the pleasure of working with Bob who provided detailed, complex technical illustrations for our customer, service, and training manuals. A man of few words, but solid action, Bob effectively handled over 60% of the entire KLA product line in a timely manner, often meeting seemingly impossible deadlines with creative and effective solutions. I would welcome the opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with Bob again. He makes the seemingly improbable happen - and happen well."

John Warren, Technical Writing - Consulting Manageer, KLA-Tencor
This time the customer was management.
Managment wanted more. They wanted animation within the static illustrations we were doing.
They wanted Maya, Flash, and such. I told them we could accomplish the same with simple
animated GIFs and save money in the porcess.

This is the gun portion from an electron beam microsope.
The animation shows the orientation during dissasembly. This concept was well recieved.

Gun section of an electronic beam micorscope Components
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